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Former Hill East ANC Commissioner Denise Krepp has been trying to get data from the USAODC for years. I believe she had to sue several years ago and still has to do FOIA requests to get any data.



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I think the main issue is that juveniles are being arrested for carjacking and then are almost immediately released by the DC Attorney General's office. The 15 year old who was recently arrested for 8 carjackings had been arrested before for carjacking. The teens who killed the Uber Eats driver in the carjacking had been arrested before for attempted carjacking.

Somewhat related, I wish MPD could set up bait cars for all of the wheel/rim thefts. Even just put some sort of tracking device hidden on the rims. Someone has to be buying all of these things from the criminals.


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Hopefully the USAODC will be more clear in what they are against in the markup.

"We still have concerns with multiple aspects of this bill and believe that some provisions, while well-intentioned, could undermine community safety and impede the administration of justice in our courts."