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I do not. At the time I looked (a few years ago), I think it was going to cost about $35,000 which I just couldn't justify for the very few outages that I have. My electricity usage is already net-zero, so the only extra benefit of batteries to me is to stay up when the grid isn't working. For me, the outages are too infrequent and not for very long, so I didn't see the value in a battery backup system.


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Sure, that can be taken into consideration. But the same can be said for any home renovation. If you redo your kitchen and that costs $20k, will you be there long enough to pay that off? Maybe, maybe not, but it also helps with resale value, just like solar panels. If/when I sell my house, part of the selling points is "free electricity!", which should add to the value, and theoretically, add to what I can charge for it.