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Please also make sure they have a normal tag too. I've found 4 dogs over the last bit with airtags but no other contact info so I have no way to return them home.


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sometimes it's just not in the cards! It does look lovely though. Get a chain with a bike lock and run it through the can handles, or make a wooden box to plop them in :) that's how we did.


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You did a great job updating! Not going to lie, having grown up in those mountains, I'm a bit sad you didn't sand and stain the ceiling. Stay warm this winter! Keep an eye out for guests that like to sneak in.


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As a vagina having person, we spend a lot of our lives being bashed on for our periods, the last place we want to deal with it is from people who are supposed to love us. What if something happened and she needed caring for? I can see how you feel she over reacted, you're not a mind reader, but it's a conversation you need to have now that you've both calmed down.

The fact that you thought you'd be toes deep in red water tells me you need to spend more time talking to your girlfriend. It takes like 4 seconds tops to tidy up down there, especially if she uses tampons.

I won't blame you for the lack of education schools provide to young adults about women.