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I live in the Elm Park area right below WPI and love it, everything is within walking distance. Haven't made a grocery list in years because there's a supermarket a couple blocks away.


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If you're unable to take the time off from your job for a trial, you can straight up say that to the judge when they're selecting jury members and they'll thank you for the time you've spent and send you on your way.

I served on a civil jury for a trial over whether a man was financially liable because his son-in-law had climbed up onto his roof without his knowledge to fix something, then fell off while climbing down. Settling this matter took five days, but I live down the street from the courthouse so it was basically paid time off from work.


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This is like saying you're concerned about the automobile's impact on the trolley bus. Telecommuting has an impact on the amount of people entering downtown, but it isn't the root cause. Downtown is a pain in the ass. Parking is always difficult. If you're looking to open a business, services in downtown like banking are existent but poor.

Compare that to the biomed corridor running down Route 9. You're off the highway and pulling right into work. It's not telecommuting that's killing downtown, it's that downtown is an inconvenient place to do anything.


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It typically means that they'll check every fourth car, or check only cars with registrations that expire in July (any plate ending in a 7), or some other system that specifically isn't "grab that guy, and then grab that guy, annnnnnnd that guy looks like he's worth talking to".


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When I was a kid, I went out walking in the woods behind my house after a big snowstorm and say a little bird, trapped in the snow, so I scooped out a hole for him.

So I guess I killed that bird.


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The use of certain code words- such as "NPC"- amongst an "in" group, used to determine in spaces outside of the group who is and isn't members, and to discredit those who are not part of the "in" group. An "NPC" doesn't have real feelings or opinions, and so their thoughts can be disregarded or even mocked. Of course, your particular dialogue is inspired and witty, even if you're copying it off of the things you've heard elsewhere.

As much as you think you're trying to be witty with this tired "NPC" shit, you're just repeating the terms someone else came up to say words. Like an NPC.


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Well, there was ShBooms, but that's a courthouse now. Still weird that I've served jury duty twenty feet above where I puked across three urinals.

And then there was the Sahara, which had a good dancing vibe if you particularly enjoyed getting your ass grabbed by women of Middle Eastern descent in their late 40's-50's.

Not really so much now.


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For the love of all things holy, when you pull out from whatever side street you're on to turn onto Belmont St.- LOOK. The stretch of Belmont from the police station to Green Hill Park is full of eye-raising vehicular dumbassery.