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I get that you are from India and feel the need to defend your home country but I criticize my own country quite a bit. You’d be better off facing the negative truth from time to time than sticking your head in the sand.

I provided multiple sources in my edit above. You haven’t provided any.

You criticized me as being an armchair expert, when this is Reddit. What on earth do you expect?

I provided an actual, expert opinion, which you criticized as being a former advisor as though that invalidates all his experience. You must be a troll because according to your mindset, there’s no reason to comment at all.


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Isn’t India being uncomfortably quiet about Ukraine? I’m all for increased global security but in the real world concept of “our team” vs “yours”, don’t we want to make sure the players on our team are…actually on our team?

Edit: Sources cause ya’ll just don’t like reality

“For many years, the United States did not stand by us, but Moscow has.”

India and Russia have shared a special relationship since the Cold War, and Moscow remains the Asian nation’s biggest arms and crude oil supplier.

“The country hasn’t just dumped its democratic principles but is providing crucial financial support for Russia’s brutal invasion.”