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Celecoxib is commonly prescribed for juvenile arthritis and indomethacin is commonly used for a congenital heart defect (PDA) prior to surgery. Long-term daily use is the expected dosing for those indications. You aren't typically getting a prescription of these for a headache after all.


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No. It's only the first half of his theme. "People will consume information in smaller bits" it still lacks the second half "and that will make them willfully stupid".

In essence they do the opposite. The drive for knowledge is a large part of what tiktok does well. People in this age have access to greater knowledge than ever before and they are taking advantage of it greater than Bradbury could have ever imagined


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Counterpoint. Dickens is a slog to read.

And reading is not a magical source of information or intellect. There are significantly powerful stories to be told in video games and television and people eat it up. Senua's sacrifice won goddamn awards, and thats a story that cannot exist in any print medium, and only house of leaves comes close and its still not as good. The point Bradbury is makingthat people became vacuous idiots. And there is amble proof that it's a stupid ignorant point.


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No. It's because the original message is drivel "People became too stupid to read, all cuz of TV!" Hurrdurr. What a childish reactionary story, repeated a thousand times throughout the ages without a lack of truth.

"People will selfcensor because it's easier than thinking" is actually thought provoking, and quite easily found in the book, even if Bradbury didn't intend it.

Bradbury wanted there to be one theme. That doesn't mean the book doesn't have a better, more intelligent theme in it.


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