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Newark doesn't have much to offer that JC doesn't have.

Newark and JC are in the top 5 least car dependent cities in America, but you wouldn't know it walking around in Newark. Jersey City on the other hand is pretty walkable downtown with a pedestrian plaza (definitely not perfect by any means). Newark's downtown is barely open at night.


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A pedestrian crash rating is an interesting option as well. A more "in your face" rating on cars might deter some people from buying them and it would also be another method in which to tax the shit out of these things.

Legislator Seeks Pedestrian-Safety Rating on SUVs as Death Numbers Rise (


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Registration fees are barely $200 when used (should really be more). I'm pretty sure a business can easily pay for that.

The average family-size in the US is 3.15 and 3.17 in NJ. A regular 4 car Honda Civic holds 5 people. How large do you want to make this "large family" in your hypothetical. How much more catering should we do to people's individual choices?

On top of being more dangerous for pedestrians, including large families, they also wear down our roads much quicker.

Shit, just look at the electric Hummer. 9K pounds, 0-60 in 3 seconds. How that thing is even legal while I cannot drive an electric golf cart is beyond me.