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It’s all dependent on state by state law/ legislation. They have to approve it individually and have to be willing to apply it to all their state and local police agencies as a valid form of ID for all purposes of a physical one. And or make exceptions to some purposes and deny others based of individual views on it. It’s a complicated thing to adopt a digital ID nation wide when we’ve had nothing but physical id’s for so long.


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The ONLY way this happens is if they simply rename the name of the phone and call it something else, which is equally unlikely but the only scenario in which this even remotely makes sense.. yea they stopped making “iPhones” to call it something else 😂


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Most people I see talking about it say they used it for the first week they had the phone and then never touched it again, so I’m guessing it’s just a gimmick apple put in place cause the tech to put all the Face ID sensors and selfie camera under the display, isn’t ready yet.


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I’ve never had an issue on any of my iPhones, I can’t even get my display to dim automatically like everyone talks about when it warms up. I play intensive games like League Of Legends Wild Rift on 120fps and the highest quality it allows when running 120 which is one tick from the highest visual quality and it literally stays pinned at 120fps and it only gets slightly warm to the touch and never throttles down or has any lag spikes or buffers. I also play Skyrim Blades and that has no issues or throttling or dimming either and I always run my phone at 85-90% brightness as well 24/7 with no heating issues on my 13 pro max. Not sure if the spec bumps on the A16 with minimal cooling improvements is the reason for this result you got but benchmarks are also benchmarks.. those tests are not true to most iOS games with cpu and gpu loads on the processors. Games vary greatly and even games you’d think would run your cpu and gpu to the max don’t ever actually utilize the entire cpu or gpu. So benchmarks should be taken with a grain of salt truly.


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I don’t wanna jinx you and I know it’s still technically possible, but I think the defender and applecare combined is overkill lol.. I’m a landscaper, constantly working in harsh environment and situations and when I’ve had my phone in an otterbox it has survived literally everything. Never broke one in an otterbox yet. It’s landed on pavement, uneven stone beds, in dirt, off the back of a 7 foot dump truck with me holding it higher than the 7 feet while standing in the back of it, my phones have been through the ringer in my line of work and the otterbox itself didn’t even have damage let alone the phone lol. I wouldn’t cancel the apple care, but running an otterbox seems over kill if you have it insured lol.. I mean even if you shattered the front and the back at the same time, it would cost basically the same price as an otterbox is since the repairs are $29 for each glass panel lol. Hell some otterbox’s you’d spend less repairing the phone than you would buying an otterbox lol. Plus they changed the policy and you have unlimited claims now in applecare so you could run the phone nude and get it fixed unlimited times for cheap. To me that’s less than I used to spend on cases each year. Especially since it’s hardly ever dropped. Hell I used to drop my phones more in a case than without one cause I was more careless. But to each their own haha. Doomsday phone prep to your hearts desires friend. 😅


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Hey man, in this day and age…. It’s in your best interest to have a passcode on your phone.. your entire digital life could be on that device. Access to your texts, contacts, photos, files, bank accounts, utilities accounts, etc etc etc can all be compromised when you leave your device vulnerable that way. If you ever left your phone somewhere, or lost it, or got it stolen, (which happens a lot more than you think) then someone could easily clean you out of every dime in your name, have access to any of your sensitive information, and literally ruin your life. It’s 2023, definitely throw a passcode on there, it might be tedious but at least your digital life will be protected ya know? Especially considering anyone that gets your phone could empty your pockets real quick. There’s a ton of crazy and desperate people out there.. same reason scam artists exist that pray on people’s digital lives to steal their money or even identity.. not trying to lecture or anything, just trying to pass along a possible eye opener for you so you are more weary and protective over your digital life. That’s the downside to smartphones, while it’s amazing having the entire internet and a super computer in your pocket, you can lose your entire bank accounts and digital life. Back in the day someone would have to steal your computer attached to the wall and hack it to get your stuff, now it’s as simple as finding a lost phone or stealing one and people can get everything a lot more frequently than in years past. Definitely protect yourself buddy! Not worth not having a passcode in my humble opinion!


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If this happens continuously, delete the downloaded update, then do a full hard restart by holding down the power and volume down button until the phone shuts off and keep holding the power button until you see the apple logo again, this will do a full hard restart. Then if I were you I’d go either on a windows machine with iTunes, or Finder on a Mac, and download and update the phone through that. It’ll probably work a lot better that way and you avoid having an issue with the update installing… if something happens during the install it can corrupt the file and basically brick the motherboard… it’ll get stuck in a boot loop. That happened to my ex’s iPhone 12 and my mothers iPhone 13… they both had to go to the Apple Store where they both had to have their display taken off, their battery taken out, and have them transferred to a whole new body and new motherboard since the original motherboard was corrupted from the failed update installation. No restore works for either. Luckily they were both under warranty still and apple replaced them for free but it was still a hassle and they didn’t get a whole new phone, just a new rear glass and body, and new motherboard. They keep your original display and battery (the wearable components). I highly recommend going through a computer to update if you have the ability to.


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The iPhone 4s in black and the iPhone 5 in black with that blueish tint, are still the sexiest iPhones that ever existed. They were so ahead of their time it’s insane.

Also am I the only one that misses the old realism design of iOS, with the notes app looking like actual notepad paper, the old 3D look to the icons and such. The ones that had the old stock iPhone YouTube app! I liked those app icon designs way more than what we currently have.. imagine those icons but on our modern almost 2k resolution displays, how crisp and amazing theyd look. Hell I’d even prefer if apple used the new Mac OS icons on iPhone, they’re more 3D.


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The App Store has gotten so bland in the last 5-8 years that I barely ever try out new apps.. the list never really changes. Once the most prominent social media giants got cemented into the world, not many exciting apps came after that.. Don’t even get me started on games.. idk it might just be that apps don’t have the same excitement they used to bring us when apps were still a new thing to us, but just seems like nothing creative or fun has been created since. I only have like 20 apps on my last 5-6 iPhones and they are all present in my backups the entire time so never anything new. I’ve tried a couple games or apps here and there but only ever used them once and then never again.. I wish app and game developers would start coming out with cooler stuff again.

I also wish that game developers for the big Gaming Console level games would make their games available for iPhone and iPad.. iPhones now a days are just as powerful as a Nintendo switch if not even more powerful than that.. they are capable of playing big AAA level game titles and can even take advantage of controller support.. they’re missing out on a BIG BIG market.. everyone has a smart phone.. imagine being able to play full size main stream games on the device in your pocket.. it would beat any handheld gaming console to ever exist.. end rant. I want better apps and games man.. 😅😂


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Well, if it makes you feel any better there’s basically every google app you can think of aside from google messages on iOS, and arguably they run better on iOS too lol. iOS gives you a much more polished app experience over all. You can use 90% of your google apps just fine on your iPhone, and you can even set your google apps as default for things like browser with chrome, or set google maps as your default maps app, or gmail as you default mail app etc. There’s even features on the iOS version of google apps that android doesn’t have which I find quite funny. Plus even social media is a million times better on iPhone, the images you upload to social media don’t look like they were taken on a 2004 digital camera like Android still does. And the cherry on the cake is you get 5-7 years of full software support where 90% of android phones lack far behind. Even the iPhone 6s on iOS 15 was on year 7 of support and ran very very well considering it’s age.. I can’t even find a single Android phone from 2018 that still runs decent, much less 2015. Now I’m not bashing Android, I love both sides, but just highlighting all the benefits of having an iPhone as your daily driver. Much more reliable and simplistic to use.


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The high refresh rate Pro Motion 120hz screen on the 13 Pro absolutely DOMINATES the 60hz panel on the 14… plus the regular 14 has the same exact processor as the 13 anyway so it’s pointless to get the 14… the high refresh rate alone is way better and more fluid.. even swiping for a minute on my gf’s 60hz iPhone feels choppy and crappy.. On top of that you get the more durable and premium build with the matte back glass that almost never scratches, stainless steel frame instead of aluminum on the 14 regular, and you get more versatility out of the 3 cameras on the 13 pro. The 13 pro hands down beats the absolute crap out of the regular 14’s. Definitely go with that one. Plus the 13 pro is still gonna get updates and be completely useable and fast till 2028 or later… don’t get the 14 lol unless you get the Pro.. either 13 pro or 14 pro but definitely not the 14 regular version.


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Mines always on, no auto just always 5G when available. My town has 5G towers everywhere so I always have a stable full 4 bars on the 5G UC connection on T-Mobile. Usually getting around 1000-1400+ Mbps down and around 2-300 up. Even my apartment is right next to a tower so I get those speeds laying in my bed no matter what. My battery is still giving me aroun 12-14 hours of screen on time with 20-40% left at the end of the day. It’s my only device, I don’t own any other tech to limit the amount of tech I use and to only spend money on the latest phone each year. Waiting to get the 14 pro max cause I’ve heard so many people say the 13 pro max gets better battery life which is why I’m still holding on. And my battery health on my launch day 13 PM is 100% still. But yea it’s used for legit every single thing in my digital life. Socials, YouTube, Tv shows and movies, internet browsing, camera work/ videography, editing, all my documents and such are all digital on my phone, work stuff, music, the whole 9 yards on 1 single device. Same reason I get the max, but yes 5G makes no difference to me. LTE might and I mean might yield me an extra hour or so tops, but yea lol. I wouldn’t worry too much unless you desperately need that extra hour on a normal size pro, or regular iPhone model, or mini. Or if your battery health is low, otherwise just use the speed to your advantage if you ask me.


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Do you plan on activating it? Or just a wifi device? If so go check out TotalWireless. It’s a 3rd party phone carrier that’s owned by Verizon. I got a 6s plus a couple years ago from them so they usually carry a bunch of older devices new. They might still have 8 plus’s for sale new there, but don’t quote me. Not sure how their supply has changed but they had them last year when I was using their service before I switched to T-Mobile.


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The only ones that have technically 1080p resolution is the 6 plus, 6s plus, 7 plus, and 8 plus. All the others are either sub 1080p or higher than 1080p. The only 1080p iPhone still supported is the 8 plus which you would probably end up experiencing some issues due to the 5 year old A11 Bionic. It’s still good for day to day tasks and such, but even then it’s not the best or fastest. Graphics is definitely a sore spot in terms of that phone due to it being 5 years behind current GPU power in iPhones. It can be done theoretically but not sure how good the experience would be.


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Some people want the option, like how androids have face unlock, fingerprint sensors, etc and it’s been talked about many times now that I guess apple is giving up on the under display Touch ID. Some people would rather pick up their phone and have the fingerprint scanner over Face ID. It’s just nice to have choices on biometrics. For me personally I like my Face ID, but not gonna lie sometimes I wish I could just tap a finger and be in as well if I don’t feel like lifting the phone up, or to the proper angle to scan my face. Plus they have the hardware already to put it in a small pill shaped sensor like the power button on the iPad Air so it’s theoretically possible that it can just be a cut out kinda like how the millimeter wave antenna oval on the side looks.


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Do you have a computer?? If you have a PC plug it into iTunes and see if it recognizes it, if you have a Mac, see if the Mac recognizes it in the Finder app. If the computer can recognize the device it could possibly be a faulty display problem. If it’s not recognized then probably a motherboard or battery issue. Maybe the battery failed due to the heat of the MagSafe charging. Wireless charging is the worst you can use in terms of battery health and safety as it generates the most heat out of any charging method.


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Have you tried using the normal lightning cable that came with the phone to try and turn it on? Could be a dud MagSafe charger. If the MagSafe charger isn’t working it’s not gonna turn on. It could also be the wall brick you’re using that failed, apple bricks aside from the old 5w small ones, tend to fail. My gf has two failed 18w official apple chargers that both don’t work. Try another brick with the MagSafe first, and then definitely try using the lightning cable that came with the phone in the box as it could be the MagSafe charger that’s busted, or possibly even the wireless charging coil inside your phone, though that is the least likely culprit of the sort.


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There’s a color coating underneath the glass, if you look up rear glass repair videos on these phones, they stick the phone in a Laser machine, and it basically gets rid of the adhesive and color coating underneath sticking the glass to the chassis so they can then chip away all the cracked glass. Once the laser goes through, you can see inside the phone with the glass still there so it’s just a coating on the underside of the frosted glass panel.