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Incorrect really, humanity has already used basically all easily accessible “exotic” resources like oil, rare earth metals, and large deposits of nuclear stuff.

If we fail now at a large scale, it’s unlikely we will ever get off the ground again because we can’t make the machine to drill oil or extract uranium without oil to run the machine in the first place, and hand pump jacks won’t cover it anymore.

This is our only chance


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Lightning was MILES ahead of micro USB. Just because they decided to keep their “good enough” connector a bit longer than they should have isn’t a cardinal sin. My point was that MANY people already have plenty of lightning stuff because they already have iPhones. If a charger breaks and they need a new one, from a waste perspective, it doesn’t matter if it’s lightning or USBC, it’s still 1 cable thrown away and one new one made.

Not many people have like 2000 cables like everyone seems to insinuate. I have plenty of devices that use USBC and one that uses lightning and I have like 10 cables total.


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Except for the fact that I have been using the same lightning cable for years on my old iphone, ipad, and new iphone. But when I got my Pixel 2XL I needed a new set of cables.

Sure, if every single device is on USBC it will be great, but how many old school holdouts are there gonna be for lightning? My dad is still using a 6s plus, my mom an iphone xr. They won’t upgrade for YEARS. So it’s not like lightning is gonna go away for like 3+ years MINIMUM


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I am not sure of the validity of this, but a user in another thread says that the laws are all actually based around whatever standard the IEEE sets, which is currently C. And once they change (in no shorter of a time than 3-5 years depending) then there is a 3 year adjustment period for whatever they declare the next standard.