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>Alan Howard Shaw is the chief executive officer and president of Norfolk Southern, a Class I railroad operating freight trains in the United States. He has held the CEO position since May 1, 2022

An Olympic size swimming pool holds 660,000 gallons of water. Alan Shaw can afford to build an Olympic size swimming pool in the backyard of his estate and store most of the 675,000 gallons of contaminated water there. He can then use the remaining 15,000 gallons for showering and to water his plants and lawn.


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Check out the Antenna Man YouTube page:


He has videos with both indoor and outdoor TV antenna reviews and recommendations.

Also check out the FCC DTV Reception Map website that shows which OTA TV channels can be received with strong signals in an area. Here is the info for Columbia/21045 zip code:



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Meanwhile from ABC News:

Home prices fall as number of homes for sale declines


>Dec 29, 2022
> ABC News' Elizabeth Schulze breaks down the reason home prices are falling, and which regions are seeing the biggest plunge in prices.


>Some of the cities that are having the biggest declines right now are on the west coast so places like San Francisco, like Phoenix, like Las Vegas.

Seems counter-intuitive that home prices would fall when the supply of available houses for sale in a particular area declines.