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A little aside, but my great grandpa is a war orphan from WW1. The education in American schools regarding WW1 left...a lot to be desired. We hardly even glossed over Italy's participation in the war. Now I guess I know why my great grandpa was a war orphan, so thanks for that OP!

NY school for those wondering.

I've been mulling about getting my Italian citizenship, since I'm eligible, but the whole "orphan" thing makes this needlessly complicated.


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I'd be amused to look at geographic distributions where these genes were the most prevalent. Like Poland/Lithuania that holds several records for most inotixicated men in the world (one died, but from the car accident because he thought a BAC above 1.0 was still fine for driving)


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>So yeah, the company that sold hugely popular toys like Frisbees, Hula Hoops, and Silly String, also sold one of the most dangerous pistols that was made available to consumers through the post.

"Did little Suzie make fun of you AGAIN for not being able to catch the Frisbee? Buy a gun!"

How did we have few school shootings before the 90s?