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"Among the 23 defendants was James Alex Fields, Jr., who sped his car through a group of counter protestors at the rally, injuring dozens and killing 32-year old Heather Heyer. Half of the damages awarded by the jury were against Fields.

Some of the most prominent figures of the alt-right — Jason Kessler, Matthew Heimbach, Richard Spencer and Christopher Cantwell — were also among the defendants."


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Yoko also refused to give Julian anything of his dad's after John's death. Julian was forced to buy various items at auction of memorabilia that Yoko held. Julian was also written out of his dad's will after he and Yoko got together. Everything was left to her and Sean.


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"His three-year prison sentence was suspended, and he was placed on a one-year bench probation

The WBRZ Investigative Unit has been reporting on those allegations for months, and one of his accusers said Payne tried to ask her for a sexual favor in exchange for getting her boyfriend out of jail.

"He said, 'I know you are willing to do anything to get him out,'" she explained. "He took a sticky note off the lady's desk. It was a big pack, and he wrote 'will you give me a B.J. to get him out of trouble?' He took it and did this and showed it to me."


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"If sexually explicit material was obtained, Wilson would then contact the women, threatening to post the photos and videos online and share them with their friends, family, employer and co-workers unless more sexually explicit material was provided to him."

He also posted some of the images on social media and bragged about being w the women (which didn't happen).