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It’s likely the software. Some have issues some don’t. My 14 Pro Max and the smaller 14 Pros my family members have are very pleased. It’s one of the best iPhones I’ve owned and I’ve had nearly all of them.


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Are you seeing this issue in broad daylight or bright indoor conditions? I’ve had my phone since launch and couldn’t be happier with the results. Lowlight conditions is the only time I’ll possibly get an over processed photo. I also shoot in Raw when I want to enable 48MP and do some minor tweaks to the photo.

If your constantly having this issue you may have more of a problem then just processing.


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Dynamic island will be here at LEAST another 2-3 years if I had to guess. Apples waiting to put as many if not all the sensors on the front of the phone including the camera under the screen. It really comes down to when, as the tech needs to be perfect where camera performance isn’t compromised and you can’t see the sensors during use.


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Literally ALL phones do this. This is because the battery is close to a full charge and the ions in the battery are reaching capacity so if it continues charging at full speed damage can occur to the battery or even worse the battery could quite literally explode due to overheating.


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Your just having issues with your phone. If anything camera quality improves over the years, not get worse. I have several iPhones I test and use on/off and all but the oldest of devices work quite well, including an 11 and while the battery is at 90% health it still runs plenty fast and cameras are as good as day 1. Cracking your phone out of anger could also potentially have consequences and the potential for internal damage in rare cases.

Also at 82% capacity you will need to replace the battery soon and if you’re almost full on storage that can have an impact on device performance.


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Your likely fine. Apple tests phones for durability from drops even if the external parts are damaged internally it’s quite durable.


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Yeah that’s odd, I’d be complaining myself if I was constantly getting over processed photos especially in daylight conditions. You can mitigate the sharpening by editing the photos but with iPhone it’s supposed to be point and shoot. Also taking Raw shots when you want to capture even more detail comes in handy.

For me standard photographic style has worked best.


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Outdoors especially in daylight you should be having no issues in regards to photo quality. I only run in to processing issues in some low light conditions. Maybe try tweaking photographic styles to your liking or there may be actually something wrong with the hardware itself. I’ve taken over 10K photos since launch and can think of maybe a couple dozen at most primarily at night that I was meh on.

Otherwise it’s an excellent camera. Plus the best video on any phone.