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Some things can be an excellent supplement - but when purple air readings are way off from properly calibrated, maintained, and audited Federal Equivalency Methods or Federal Reference Methods instruments - they leave a LOT to be desired. A lot.

ETA: things that involve moving air at rates that are supposed to be constant - and/or able to compensate for changing atmospheric conditions aren't quite the same as solid-state temperature sensors, rain gauges, or even wind vanes.


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Need to be able to audit flow.

And flow is related to temperature and pressure.

Agreed that a simple leak check can be peformed with a HEPA filter.

PM samplers that can/have met Federal Equivalency Methods status are all able to be calibrated to atmospheric conditions as well as having these things audited / verified.

A lot of this is done so that the data generated can be defensible should the need arise.


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Have the paint tested first.

And as /u/therealw00zy stated - you'll probably also really want to have the plaster tested for asbestos. SOME plasters used to contain it.

Have both things tested before proceeding.

You can probably do a simple Google Search for lead and asbestos testing in your area. Call a few and ask how they do it. SOME places will just let you bring in your samples in baggies - then charge a certain fee per sample.