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I'm a little confused at what you are asking. As I wrote, the data is exclusively for victims ages 0 - 5. Knowing that, what do you mean by justified homicide? I honestly don't really know what a justified homicide is for any age group and I don't think they really distinguish that from other homicides in the stats, but for the topic at hand let's focus only on 0-5.


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For the appx. 1100 firearm deaths that occurred among ages 0-5 between 2010 - 2020:

"Non-Hispanic Blacks comprised 56.4% of all deaths in 2020, a 172% increase from 2010 and the rate for non-Hispanic Whites increased by 15.4% from 2010 to 2020. The majority of the deaths occurred in the South. Almost two-thirds (65.9%) of all firearm deaths were homicides, 30% were unintentional, and 4.1% were undetermined."

This is a very focused, political problem that primarily affects the people the government cares about the least, almost exclusively in places the government will not lift a finger to help. Not much can be done by people not in those locations except point out the problem.


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Thanks for that article, I don't know how it slipped by me, it might have been right before I bought my subscription.

I don't think the evidence is there to say that most people in the list unequivocally do not want help and never will. A lot of them haven't even been contacted there are kinks they clearly need to work out in the program, least of which is simple PR.

Though any more, I view the whole issue as partly a failure of the government and society to provide a convincing argument to get off the streets and behave. Suicide rates and depression has spiked even among affluent teens (and is highest among white men), I have yet to find someone who really enjoys their job and would do it even if they could retire. More middle aged people see no point in having children because the world is going to shit, and the old people I know are bitter and grumpy. Not much of an incentive to work hard and not just do whatever the hell you want.