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>Because for like 99.9999% of evolutionary history, calories were scarce and unpredictable. You were WAY more likely to die of starvation (due to sickness, drought, winter, injury) than somehow finding so many calories that you got fat. So we all evolved the strategy: "when you do find a high-cal food source, eat as much as possible!!" And in those calorie-scarce times, (aka essentially all of human history!) that was a great strategy to have. It kept your ancestors alive.

Also we have the "turn those excess calories into fat, you might need it later!" strategy - hence we get fat.

Because for 100s of thousands of years our ancestors died of all kinds of other causes before they could get fat in addition to having a calorie deficient diet.


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>Part of that is also that prosecutors are pretty good at identifying and excluding potential jurors who are likely to hold out for ideological reasons.

Defense attorneys as well - those who argue a lot of cases know how to spot the person who could be a thorn in their side.

As the old law school joke goes "If you have the law on your side, hammer the judge, if the facts are on your side, hammer the jury, if you have neither, hammer on the table!"


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  1. An Army officer feeds an AI decades of battle reports, books by all the great generals and essays on strategy, tactics and logistics. He's satisfied when it starts generating scenarios and reports and he gets promoted. Until the AI not only predicts a war, but that the officer will die in that war.
  2. A researcher has developed a new smart drug that actually works - it makes people smarter and improves their mental health. The catch is that the ingredients are either rare, expensive or very difficult to refine. But the drug works and has very few side effects. Oh, and he destroyed his notes - only he knows how to make it. The bidding starts next week.
  3. A teen and his friends are taking a media and journalism class is very bored. They hack into their teacher's computer and mobile phone. Turns out the teacher is a guerrilla journalist who has uncovered the dirt on some very rich, powerful and vengeful people (he knows where the bodies where buried and who buried them). Turns out the teacher was planning on this - all that data was uploaded into the teen's computer and mobile devices. Now the teacher has disappeared and a bunch of very unsavory people are looking around and asking questions.

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The king was frustrated, his knights were bested in every battle. At one meeting of this privy council he was berated them for their failures when the staff yelled about finding a mimic in the castle. The king yelled "You are all failures, why I could teach that mimic to be better knight that the lot of you!" Thus began the tale of "The Mimic Knight".