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It's a pastafarian breakaway group who believe in some ancient pastronaut theories about the earthly incarnation of the spaghetti monster.

They are not saying it was aliens ... but ...


TakenIsUsernameThis t1_iwy0b3e wrote

"They are convinced it's the beginning of an emergent form of reasoning intelligence. Its severe limitation, as with all LLMs, is that they frequently produce utter nonsense and have no way of telling the difference between nonsense and reality."

That sounds like average human intelligence to me - spouts nonsense and can't tell the difference between it and reality.


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Student will have to take written exams, and their writing styles in exams will be used as a baseline for analysing their other coursework.

. . . Then they will learn how to train an AI to mimic their writing styles and we will have to instigate vivas for every student just to check they know what they are studying.