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He was sexually assaulted by a higher up in the industry and blackballed as a result of speaking up about it (which no one wanted to hear because 'lol that doesn't happen to men') He also took some serious physical injuries due to the mummy 3, which resulted in picking up some weight as you do when injury impairs your physicality. Unsurprisingly his mental state took a pounding, and between the shadow banning and constant gossip rag articles saying he was fat and washed up he eventually became convinced he wasn't actually a good actor, but got famous simply for being eye candy, which fucked even harder with his mental state.

All this has now been exposed as a lie - he is a good actor, a fucking great one and people in a kinder age listen to his story and know what happened to him was wrong and he was done a horrendous misjustice.

I really feel for the guy, no one deserves any of that.


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That is not a milk bar in the slightest.

Nowadays you get milk, bread, chips, icecreams, bit of a lolly bar if you're lucky, back in the day there'd be VHS rental and 20c arcade machines as well.


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I find it impossible to believe Hugo - the man so horny they literally had to close the cities brothels when he died because all the workers were at the funeral - did not do this.


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Not worth it tbh. Get yourself a mini lcd or tft.

Domestic projectors aren't designed for fine detail work, plus the globes are horrendously priced. It's not gonna look as good as in your head and it's gonna be a huge pain in the arse day-to-day

Source: been working digital cinema since 2012.