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It literally doesn't. People can freely reproduce near copies of Monopoly. (Long story why.) As long as the games don't use the actual visual assets or the exact written rules, I think they're okay. Hence we have many souvenir versions of Monopoly.


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Part of it gets easier after university. Part of it is being deliberate with your time.

What I do is give myself 15 minutes a day to read. If I want to stop after those 15 minutes, that's fine, but for those 15 minutes, I have no mobile, no background stuff going on. It's me and a book I want to read.

Sometimes I get into the zone and I can read for an hour or more. Other times, I scoot slowly through a book 15 minutes at a time. Either way, that's better than nothing.


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If it's only been a few hours, I wouldn't worry. Sometimes people get busy and they don't respond. It doesn't mean you should latch on to the one element of the last message you can spot.

If it's been a couple of days, then maybe you should be concerned, but keep the focus on business, not what they think of you. If they didn't think you were annoying before, overworrying about an emoji would more likely annoy them.


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>Would the person who pushed me during the basketball game be held responsible for my injury and ultimately, my death?

Probably not, since that would be an accident and the player wasn't attempting to commit a crime. (They were committing a foul.)


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This bill would hit hardest those programs that rely on state funding where city or county funding falls short.

Anyway, the double-think being exhibited in a statement like this is astounding:

>Republican Rep. Dirk Deaton of Noel defended the law and the decision to strip public library funding in response to the lawsuit. “It’s been said this is a book ban. This is not that,” Deaton said. “It is protecting innocent children.”

He completely disconnects purpose, cause, and effect. Let's pretend for a moment that this action protects innocent children. How would it do that? By defunding libraries that dare to legally challenge book bans. Dirk Deaton tells a big lie because he knows that "protecting children" is a weak band-aid that covers the Republican power grab for strictly controlling the information the public has free access to.


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Once OP does that, it's also okay to put a reminder in your calendar for what each month's payment covers. I know it took me a while to know that, oh, I'm paying at the start of April for April's rent, when at work, I'd be paid at the end of a period for that period's work.

It's okay to ask, and it's okay to not find it all intuitive at first or at all.


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On the contrary, knowing whether it's 1 AM or 5 AM helps me a lot with sleeping. If it's 1, I can read for a short time and then drift naturally back to sleep. If it's 5, I'll either get up or doze until it's time to wake up.


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I don't think John Lewis would agree with the despairing tone of this post. If something fails, what do you do? You get back out there and get in trouble, good trouble, to make it happen. You believe in change, rather than sitting on your hands like the white moderates Dr. King wrote about in his letter from an Alabama jail.