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He doesn't care about us watching it, nor even the tech-savvy indians who know how to get around the ban.

He cares about his voting base, the hundreds of millions of poor or poor-ish indians who have kept him in power and don't really use the internet to search for stuff. The ones who stick to facebook and a handful of other major sites.

As long as the people who actually vote for him don't see it, that's all that really matters.


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That's happened to a lot of elderly without alzheimers, see the documentary 'the brainwashing of my dad', things have only gotten worse since then.

So this transformation probably isn't a great example of what alzheimers does to you. Or maybe it just demonstrates that watching right-wing news has the same effect on your brain as alzheimers.


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Here in NZ, shortly after the inflation scare got going, the major supermarkets all introduced some kind of price-freeze marketing ploy. They promised to keep prices the same on all essentials, or took prices back to 2 years ago, etc.

In every single case, the deals turned out to be lies. They either raised prices beforehand, or chose items they controlled themselves, or the offer had all sorts of conditions.

These companies aren't charities, the modern supermarket CEO would kill his own grandmother to hit their bonus targets and trigger share-buybacks or splits or vesting or whatever their contract promises them.

Whatever they are promising, they are actually just profiting even more than usual.