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Interesting take. Two flavors of corrupt cop in the same story.

I am absolutely loving the angry bully-with-a-badge assuming the other one to be a useless oaf.

In the end, though his conclusion was only partially correct, it was still correct.


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Reading this and seeing "Sprout" i couldnt help but think of XIV.

I kind of wish I could go back to those days, go back to being a Sprout. Seeing everything with fresh eyes, experiencing it all for the first time...

I am very guilty of doing exactly what Sprout did here. Clearing the entire notice board before moving on. Learning and experiencing everything every area had to offer.

Heck, I even get a little nostalgic for 1.0 sometimes, as gobshite of an experience as it was. Just because it was new back then, and so little feels new now...


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You definitely want the police to take every missing persons report seriously, which is why it is deadly serious your grandparents do not abuse the system to try and control you. Establishing a "pattern" could result in the one time they finally do report you missing when it matters getting ignored because its "yet another runaway report from grandma" followed up with "shes an adult now she can do what she wants" and you're actually lost or missing.

Did you tell them you may not be coming home that night? If so, totally unnecessary. If not, what they did was a bit extreme but not totally unwarranted.

Remember. Boyfriend/girlfriend also includes the word "friend" so "crashing at a friend's house since they live closer to work" is an accurate statement.


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Your grandparents sound like a couple of annoying old codgers who hopefully are doing this from a position of love and caring and not old-fashioned "morals" about unwed young people spending time together.

You mentioned living with them. Did you let them know in advance you were planning on crashing with a friend since they lived closer to work, or did you just leave them in the dark? Given the context they overreacted, but if they lacked context then their reaction is appropriate if a bit overboard.


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I think it played well.

And I agree. Bisexuality sure, but polyamory is an absolute abomination and you should strike the word from consideration in your mind.

Polyerosy, or multiamory. I swear. You writers and mixing up your greek and your latin.


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I find with a little extrapolation many of the maxims are universally applicable.

Maxim 1, for example. Pillage, then burn. If you wave away the violent language as a metaphor, you have a powerful statement about the importance of doing things in the proper order. If you burn before you pillage there's not as much loot.


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Yep. A lot of people blame USA for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch but they are only partially correct.

"Single stream waste management" was huge in the USA for years, throw all your trash and recycling together and the service sorts it for you at their processing facilities.

Processing facilities in the USA got overwhelmed, ao they subcontracted to ship containers of unsorted trash to facilities in India and China and Mexico, using the return leg of cargo ships to get things overseas.

When the processing facilities in India and China got overwhelmed, they just dumped it into the sea.


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While I know it's not sensitive, my first viewing of this particular clip was not on a public platform, so I have no idea where it'd be available. I can try tho.


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Hard agree on all points my dude.

The best bits of the 90s batman and superman cartoons were Batman being the "worlds greatest detective" and Clark Kent being a great investigative journalist.


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There's al qaeda video from afghanistan of a sniper shooting a US soldier in the chest, shouting a cheer, and then saying the arabic equivalent of "what the fuck?" When said soldier gets back up and returns fire. This was from before they learned about ballistic body armor.

I imagine a similar palette of emotions colored this man's mind when country boy Clark Kent gets up from a shot to the head.


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Gods alive this was beautiful.

Can you like, get licensed by DC to novelize Supes? Not in-house like as a contractor so you can maintain some creative independence.

This made me feel for the Man of Steel in an intensity I haven't since my teen years.


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That "fuck you bouquet" probably wouldnt exist without social media.

I mean. It would, but that moniker? Its reputation?

I was there on the day that tumblr thread went wild. So many other wonderful bouquets with very special meanings if you can find the original thread, I have long since lost that bookmark.

I applaud your use of it, my dude.