Tart_Beginning t1_j3zwkgv wrote

I have mixed feelings about this. I am getting my bachelor’s in CS in May and have (ENTIRELY unexpectedly) gotten to the final round of interviews for an MLE job; I have done no formal course work on anything AI related, but I have had two internships in ML. I feel like I have sold myself short for the software engineer, data scientist, or even MLE I could have been with a bit more work by BS-ing my way into a field I barely understand, and I know if I do somehow get this job, I will be scrambling to learn everything I don’t know on the fly. Having bombed plenty of interviews so far, it’s become painfully clear that this might have been a mistake. If you’re going to do ML, dive in head first and try to deeply understand it - take any course you can on it and start reading papers NOW to best prepare yourself for getting a job when you graduate. It IS possible, but you also want to be good at what you do and not end up in way over your head. I know I’m headed for at least a master’s degree later even if I get this job because this field is evolving too quickly for me to grasp the major concepts and keep up with the current science. Sorry if this is rambling, these are just my thoughts being in the position I am currently, hopefully this is helpful in some way!