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I once broke my arm and took an ambulance to the ER. THe ambulance didn't do anything for me- no medicine, nothing. Just a taxi. The doctor in the ER even said, 'unless bone is sticking out, even for broken bone just take a taxi'.


Luckily my insurance cost for ambulance ride is capped at $100 so wasn't the end of the world. But the price before insurance was actually $800


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"online it says to file a police report but when I tried to call the police station and at one point tried to go in person I just couldn’t get someone to talk to and they didn’t really take me seriously"


Many such cases!


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Yes there is an argument. Crime is located in very specific areas. It's not like it is a widespread issue affecting the whole of the country evenly.

In fact, if you remove the 'bottom 10% of society', crime in the US drops like 40%.


Here are some crime stats across countries:

Rape is much higher in many OECD countries outside of USA.

So is robbery.

So is assault.

So is burglary.

So is vehicle theft (and anecdottaly, my car has never been stolen in USA or Russia, but my car in England was stolen :) )


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Crime in USA is quite low. And where there is rampant crime tends to be located in very specific areas.

Healthcare is expensive, but at least the quality is good (many people from rest of world will travel to USA for special surgeries and treatments).

There is welfare, foods stamps, ebt, etc... Could be better but this isn't INdia where the only social safety nets are through private charities and organizations

ANd many developed countries have a variety of these issues.