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I hope we can get one year! I submitted a note and my child’s birth certificate to get the 6m deferment. When I initially called I asked about getting longer than 6m and the person wasn’t that helpful, but that’s usually the case for court staff.

Just another example of how BF isn’t supported in this country 😫.


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Interesting, I called a few weeks ago and they only gave me a deferment that was up to 6 months after birth (sounds similar to what OP got). They literally scheduled my jury duty for the first business day after my baby turns six months 😐.

Would love to know what the pumping setup is like in the court house.


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Cotton Duck Title was in Hampden and on the Avenue for years before they moved into the trohv space. It’s not as a fun as a store, but we locals are happy that the space is filled by another local company. Bonus is that they do put some effort into the window styling! Can’t beat the Trohv decorated windows, but we do have Watermelon Sugar for that as well 😄


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You can get basically everything you’re looking for in Hampden. Yard, parking, people your age, boring grocery stores, easy hosting parties, etc. not all the streets have yard and parking in the back, but lots have at least one! And there’s really only certain areas of Hampden that have difficult street parking.


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If you want your own private grass yard, look at Hampden and Medfield. Grass is hard to come by in Fells, Canton, Fed and Locust Point but those places all have parks (as does Hampden). There are some other grassy yard neighborhoods that I’m sure people will suggest. Do you need convenient parking? Budget? A 3bed/2 bath will be over $2K, closer to 2.5K or more in Hampden proper for an updated rowhouse.


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Yes, kittens go fast! MDSPCA has online adoption portals so check there everyday and apply online asap. It’s not “kitten season” right now so there are less kittens in general. You’ll have more options in late spring-early fall. Also consider getting a kitten that is slightly older, or even a young adult cat. Promise they are just as fun and you can avoid the stage where they are tiny demons with endless energy :)


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Are you just looking for something with a “hidden” feel? If so, Clandestino in Zen West. It has a secret door but it’s not really a secret.


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You’re in the cutest nook of Hampden that I’m pretty sure 98% of Baltimore doesn’t know exists. Enjoy Stone Hill!

FYI: probably not a great idea to tell the whole internet of strangers where you’ll be and when. That is the unsafe part of your question.