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United States debt is one of the most sure bets in the world. If you buy US bonds, you're sure to get whatever you were promised when you loaned the money, without currency manipulation designed to make you lose. The certainess of being paid back is part of what makes the US the most powerful nation. Of course if you want to start a world war and a civil war at the same time, you can say we're not paying anybody back.


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You're looking for a man that really really wants to get married? Lol... I would say most men need a bit of a push towards it. If you haven't really talked about how you feel about it seriously, more than casually mentioning it on a car ride, then immediately shutting yourself down when he didn't have the exact same opinion as you, you need to make it clear that it's important to you... your fuck up here is expecting him to take small talk from a first date, and a short car conversation as you telling him you seriously need something.


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That's what everybody said at the beginning, but no. They got to be the best at what they do because of how they do it, and sometimes that doesn't mean you can just do it differently. Sometimes people would lay a bunt down in the direction with no fielder, but you'll often be happy to see the guy who can hit it 400 feet take a bunt single against you.


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To expand, "the shift" isn't something that's been in baseball as it is today for a hundred years, and they're suddenly banning it. It is based on analytics which have only been used for 15 years or so to way over shift, leaving huge parts of the field wide open, making the batter either try to hit where they're uncomfortable hitting naturally, which they rarely do, or hit it at the side of the field jammed up with fielders... Which doesn't work out too well unless it's a home run.


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Because there are 20 or so maniacs in the party that caused this just for the sake of being dicks essentially... They asked for things in return for their vote, they got those things and then still wouldn't vote for Kevin Mccarthy. Pretty sure either party would get shit for that.