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> maybe Starship and who knows when that will be operational.

It just has to be operational before the next SLS flight in November of next year to be competitive. Since there are multiple boosters and Starships ready to fly or under construction, they are well on their way to beating the next SLS launch.


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It is good to be concerned about Falcon 9 but it has proven to be highly reliable. The current version has flown 158 missions with complete success. Dragon 2 has 16 successful flights under its belt. Backups are good but Boeing has a long way to go to show that it can be a reliable partner in the program.


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Have you seen the lead times? A week is a short lead time and hasn’t been seen in years. Last year, I went to a Tesla showroom and they had 0 vehicles on display and a Model Y had a lead time of about 8 months. They clearly can’t keep up with demand, so the must not be charging more than the market will bear.