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Most do, but there is a limit to what you can provide. A business has to make money off of the activity of the people there. If the take is more than the give, you need to find someone with less take.

that's the point being made here, that employers would look at any woman under retirement age as someone who is going to be taking paid leave 3-12 days a month. To which you can extrapolate that situation further. If someone is taking that leave, monthly, for the maximum allotted time, and its believed to be not in good faith (milking the system) , how does it get addressed without crossing medical information and privacy laws / norms?


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Singer sewing machines made M1 rifles and 1911 pistols, and even IBM made M1s in WWII. GM did liberator stampings.

Heck, Packard built the merlin engines for the P51 Mustangs, and did it better than Rolls Royce after they standardised all the drawings and parts.

Sherman tanks had Chrysler engines. Basically, if your company had equipment and workers, the war department would tell you what you were needed and allowed to make.