Teedander t1_isx54pm wrote

NSA, on this occasion.

You can ask, but she has the right to decline. She’s just trying to include you in her family activities - have you even communicated and said you’re actually too small and weak for lap-running and hog-heaving?

But, mate, I looked through your post history and you have muuuuch bigger problems. Clearly your girlfriend is feeling really left out. You wrote a post in relationship_advice about your girlfriend being quiet and withdrawn when meeting your family, but reading it was like listening to someone who’s never met an orc before. Your family made salad?! How is she supposed to chew that with her tusks? And to make her feel welcome, your parents shook her hand! So insensitive - I bet she had to let go of her double-handed axe right in the doorway. I don’t know about the orcs where you live, but around the Eastern mines orcs head-butt with the best of dwarves. And your brother just had to offer her a coat in case she was cold! Why didn’t you step in and tell him off for not respecting her right to display her battle scars?

So many things wrong with this relationship, smh. You need to remember she’s not human and you need to stick up for her in front of your family before she beheads them for the disrespect. It’ll be your fault when you’re surrounded by the headless bodies of your loved ones and your girlfriend leaves you for a more understanding (and handsome) dwarf. She deserves better. Overall - YTA.