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What you’re suggesting is that I change my lifestyle while also relying on my neighbor to voluntarily their habits; if it’s not a government regulation, it’s not going to happen in meaningful enough numbers. The burden isn’t on individuals; it’s on governments and corporations.


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We’re not close, it’s been around since 1891 with the first Tesla coil. The problem is feasibility because you have to put massive amounts of power out of the coil that mostly gets wasted, since it’s not directed, and the fact that it produces high-frequency AC power, so it’s not useable in high tech electronics.


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No Roman converted their holiday for the convenience and pleasure of a Christian. Romans hunted Christians pretty extensively from Nero’s rule in 64 CE until 313 CE when Constantine the Great declared toleration. However, you’re other point “for the convenience of the growing population of Roman Christians” is exactly what co-opting the ceremony for Christian purposes means, as I originally said.


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Because Dec 25 is the end of Saturnalia, celebration of the god Saturn, in the Roman pantheon. It was adopted by the Christians because there was already a big celebration that happened every year on that day so it was easier to integrate it into their religion and make it seem like their god was being celebrated.


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Smoking is also linked to causing Grave’s disease (a form of hyperthyroidism) and Hashimoto’s disease (a form of hypothyroidism). Even if it reduces the chance of that particular type of cancer, it increases the chance of fucking that organ up in different ways. Cancer isn’t the only or even the worst thing smoking will do to you.


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Everyone saying OP must be from the Middle East because of the cooking method and that might be right, but every one of you should be boiling your rice for 5 min, draining, then returning it to the pot with hot water and finishing the cooking process. Rice all over the world is great at absorbing arsenic from groundwater and the best way to remove it is parboiling, draining, and then finishing the cook.

Here’s the method


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That, plus they’re really not upgrading any of the grid. Sure, new developments get new lines but that’s all built into the cost of the neighborhood; and they replace lines when they’re knocked down, but part of the reason we’ve seen all these fires out west is precisely because they aren’t upgrading anything properly. And plenty of people can’t or won’t go solar - even if we get off fossil fuels entirely - so those people can spend on the incoming power they use and support the grid cost. This is also the reason all utilities should be government-run. Yes, government has its own share of problems, but they’re not profit-centered.


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Yea but if the solar is becoming less valuable per kWh and there’s more of it, then the power company shouldn’t need to generate as much on their own or buy as much from other sources. We’re seeing the exact opposite happen - they just raised rates in the SE US by 60% in May. So their claim is that power is currently costing us more to generate, not less.


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I think that’s more for people that generate a ton of extra and sell to the grid on sunny days but still need grid tie for night/clouds/etc so they can’t just straight disconnect.


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That doesn’t make sense at all, especially on grid-tie systems. They’re still charging non-solar customers the normal rate to use my solar-generated energy even tho I’m the one paying for it’s upkeep with my panels. So when solar energy is used by a non-solar customer, it’s been paid for twice and when I, a solar customer, use non-solar energy, im still paying for the normal rate. A “convenience” charge is specifically only there to discourage solar installs