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Could be a religious group that left them. This weekend is Palm Sunday and next weekend is Easter.

That said, if someone got in your friend's apartment and only left a flower, I'd rule out the homeless because they'd probably cause more changes while staying (e.g might eat food, take valuables, use the shower, leave trash), and if they're smart enough to avoid showing any changes they wouldn't leave a flower behind inside and risk tipping yall off and losing a good spot.

I would think if it was anti-LGBT motivated there'd be vandalism or damage, and they wouldn't leave behind a symbol of peace/rebirth.

So, probably a creep. Or a prank.


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Reply to Rooster in town? by jttIII

>It seems generally kind of rude that one person in a neighborhood gets to decide when everyone else gets to wake up.

Don't worry, between all the motorcyclists, douches with sports cars, domestic-violence-embroiled familes, and people whose dogs bark at all hours, it's rarely left up to just one person.


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>im not old enough for a driver’s license, so yeah i cant go anywhere.

So, just to address this particular issue, there are churches that will come pick you up. You've seen the church vans? They'll go around and fetch church members for services if they need transportation.

>“you not wanting to go means you need god more than ever!”

Good thing you can find God in more places than just James River...pretty sure the apostles managed to somehow make due despite not having a coffeeshop or concerts for the first churches.


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At Home seems to be a bit of a dice roll in people's experiences from what I can tell. If it's the ones I'm thinking of, they don't own the properties, they manage them for owners, so whether any property will be a good experience depends partially up to which owner you're renting from, not At Home.

That said, I would take a hard look at their leases and consider the implications. Their lease makes you waive your right to a 24-hour notice before a maintenance or other employee enters your home for a repair or inspection.

I also think their bedbug clause is skeevy and immoral af, but that's not uncommon in this town.

TLC seems decent and they allow pets. You might run into issues with your rabbit because a lot of property companies have BS policies banning "exotic pets (aka anything that's not a cat or dog).


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I'm a girl. Just one with moral standards, and who doesn't enjoy seeing bullying and stalking go on.

>nothing to worry about unless you have something to worry about.

Some of us are capable of giving a shit about others. I get that you wouldn't know what that's like.


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Then why did you say:

>allows women to post guys they’re seeing and make sure they’re not seeing other people, not a criminal, or other craziness. I’

That's not posting known abusers/cheaters/etc. What you described there is posting a guy you're dating (who may be innocent or may not) to see if anyone has any dirt.

You were either giving misinformation in your first comment or you're giving it now.

You're contradicting yourself.


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So these guys, many of whom end up being innocent normal men without any bad past, are having their photos posted without their consent? By partners they like and trust? Wow, exemplary behavior there.

I'm glad the breach of their trust and violation of their privacy is "entertaining" and "hilarious" for you though. I feel bad for any men who've had the misfortune to date any of the women from the bullying-scumbag FB group. Hopefully these men catch on to the vile nature of these women fast and get away from them. Probably why these group members stay in the dating pool long enough to "need" such a group.


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I would stop shopping there. Old food, sky-high prices, a small selection. Even if it's the closest grocery, the others ones all deliver.

It might seem cheaper to skip delivery and shop in person, but when the prices are so much higher and the food quality you get is lower, it really doesn't save you anything.


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>anyone wants a walmart built right next to their house.

If given the choice almost no one wants anything right next to their house, they'd prefer a buffer area of nature. So that's not a Walmart or apartment building specific thing. Dude in the article is mad he's losing his nature buffer. If it was a ranch house being built there he'd still be pissed and complaining, but no one would care or quote him in an article.

Me, if somethings got to go next to where I live, I prefer the Walmart. At least it's useful to me and Walmart won't regularly drag heaps of trash into the open to burn on their lawn like multiple single family home-owners have done near me in the past...


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>or walmart

Having lived near a Walmart, it's actually pretty sweet. It's so convenient when you need something for a recipe you're out of, or you don't feel like cooking and want to pick up a pre-made salad.

If you're thinking "but the noise", what noise? Even the 24 hours ones never had much traffic late at night, which is when you need quiet, and none of them are 24 hour now anyway.

I agree with the point you were trying to make, but I think you have the wrong idea about why Walmarts get NIMBY'd. Usually it's people trying to protect local grocery stores and small businesses closing as a result of Walmart taking their customers.


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Wrong. Some places may use that term, but it's not universal throughout the field. Some hospitals call it housekeeping, some label the role as custodian, and some, like Cox, call it EVS. But they chose EVS for a reason when they could have used a more straightforward term.

You don't see people asking "What's a janitor?" but you see people wondering WTF EVS means.


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Do you have a .edu email address through MSU or a username for logging in through their web portal? Not sure how it works with dual-credit HS students but with regular college students there's usually a drop option either in your online schedule page or the course signup area.


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It seemed pretty obviously a joke/vent post. There aren't dogs large enough to recreate what those children went through when you consider size ratio and how it impacts damage and terror.

I think it's pretty common (and harmless) for people to wish someone who does harm could get an equal measure of that harm back. What's bizarre to me is taking someone seriously on this and getting angry at them.

Children in our community were permanently scarred, damaged, and traumatized. It's natural to be angry and need to vent or wish for justice/just desserts.

Once again: wishing out of anger is not the same as supporting the fall of rule of law, or whatever.


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>Also, I would assume bus stops and busses would be more like airports where people put in AirPods and keep to themselves.

I've had some nice conversations with people at bus stops and on the bus, and even made longer-term friends that way.

A lot of people aren't in the mood to chat, but it's not unusual to talk with people.

Keep in mind too, that Springfield's permanent bus riders are a small amount of people. You will see some of the same people for years and that makes it easier to get to know them. I doubt that's true for air travel since few people fly every day but lots of bus people take the bus for a regular commute and the rest of their travel needs.


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Yeah, I used to live on a 2-lane rural highway. I know what they're like.

>I get it, r/fuckcars and all that, but people have to get to work from rural areas somehow.

I get it, but people have a right to leave their house and exercise where they live. Cursing at them and blaming them for the poor infrastructure is nonsensical. They're not any more responsible for the lack of sidewalks or road shoulder than you.

Dealing with other kinds of traffic--whether that's car, pedestrian, cyclist, horses, or tractors is part of life and part of using the transportation system. Hating everyone who uses a different means of transport than you because it mildly inconveniences you is beyond childish and selfish.

Jogging and cycling on the road is literally what it's there for, when sidewalks and cycling paths don't exist alongside.

It's not suicide for them, it's homicide when someone kills them because it was just too darn inconvenient to drive in a way thats safe for all forms of traffic and arrive home 5 minutes later.


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Nope. I'm not for banning any kind of posts that's non-harmful.

Certain post types may be boring, but if they're like 1 post out of 20 who cares? It would be different if the sub were flooded with them and drowning out all other content.

But Springfield is not that big and this sub does not get that many posts. Why ban harmless content and make it more of a ghost town?


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Gotta love the bodyshaming from idiots here. You know you're not going to hurt any PF people with that right? Instead you're letting perfectly nice, innocent people know you think they're disgusting and mockworthy for a harmless physical trait they were born with.

There's nothing wrong with having a small penis, being old, or having a disability, or any of the other physical traits that got trotted out to insult people.

The irony of acting like people are lesser based on physical traits...while purporting to be against fascism...absolute clown behavior.