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Phew. I dunno. A bunch of guys get arrested after spreading information on how to commit these acts and suddenly 11 attacks happen right after - one of them we know was done to stop a drag queen event. And each attack has the exact same pattern each time.

But yeah, sure, it must all just be a coincidence.


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Yeah, I thought so. You have no response. Michelangelo would not get mad about people using computers to make art, especially when you have access to "AI"-like tools on photoshop. So stop being angry about the future and imagining the worst will happen like a 5G Karen. Everything will be fine, it always is.


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All I hear is "wah wah, piracy is destroying our life" just like what the RIAA and others do. Except, piracy not only spreads media awareness further, but its technological advancements actually build industries and challenges companies to do better. For instance, Apple Music and Spotify would most likely not have been created had it not been for piracy. Hell, we would not have FM radio and rock n' roll if it weren't for pirate radio in the 60s. And does piracy stop people from purchasing media? Of course not.