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Sadly, they are. I know that's not optimal and will eat into things long-term. But it's not high enough that I'm worried about it - my rights of accumulation makes the percentage low. This is only for ROTH/529s.

If I had to go back I'd do fee-only. But it's not enough of an impact for me to bother switching.


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We go over all of my accounts, set up backdoor ROTH, look at the balances of my investments and re-adjust if needed.

This year we spent a bit more time running the numbers on 529s as kids are approaching college and decided to put some into bonds vs funds for the older kids since the risk of loss is too high given the short time before they start up college.

He then runs various scenarios on retirement given our yearly planned contributions, retirement goals/budgets, and different market scenarios. We're in the high-confidence threshold for retiring at 65 and moderate confidence for retiring at 60.

Honestly, I can do much of this myself (my estimated net worth at retirement was pretty close to the tools he uses). But I value the independent check and more sophisticated analysis (e.g., I don't run different market scenarios).