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I think people really don't understand how shit technology was in the 60's.

The cost to make e-cigarettes was probably far more than the cost to just make old fashioned cigarettes.

Also there was this: >Inhaling the extract, however, was downright dangerous. Battelle’s monthly report from September 1963 stressed that “reactions were so violent and throat irritation was so strong that smoking could not be carried out under regular conditions.

and this: >This lack of commercial viability certainly had to do with the remaining shortcomings of the device described by Hughes.

Long story short. The technology sucked.


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>Just sucks to have to pay a few grand to clean up someone's toxic half assed job from 40 years ago.

You are paying that to prevent it becoming your toxic problem. Worth it. Also might be worthwhile to have your lead levels checked because just opening that area up probably disturbed a bunch of lead based paint dust.


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It is surprisingly easy to breathe in a whole lot of lead dust and have that lead contaminate your entire house if you clean this up wrong.

I suggest hiring someone who does the work professionally to get it done especially if you have kids. Because it is far too easy to bring that lead home via your clothes or even just on your body and expose them to it negatively affecting their development.

Just for reference OSHA requires that people who work with lead change into work only clothing which the employer pays to have washed, that their job have dedicated shower facilities for them to wash the lead off, and that their street clothing be kept in a locker away from the work area. And that employees are monitored for lead levels.

edit: might as well have them check for asbestos too.


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As a fellow with dry hands: they don't.

They use the bit of moisture most people have on their hands to measure resistance from one hand to the other. Along that path is your heart and its beating changes the resistance so by measuring it over time the device can tell your heart rate.

But if your hands are dry then they can't get a good electrical connection and don't read anything.


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Right? This is almost always how it works out. Venue has a license so the politicians can play whatever they want because they are leasing the venue and by extension its license.

Every damn election usually because a Republican is using a song and every damn election every idiot on the thread acts like this will cost them big time.