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Wars are won with boots on the ground. But since this is a "special military operation", not a war, Russia didn't know this and thus sent her best 100,000 soldiers to perish there for want of adequate equipment, training and strategy.

I don't know what makes me angrier - the death of Russians invaders who died in vain but for the most part had no choice, or the death of Ukrainians who chose to defend their homeland and died for a noble cause.


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> If I'm understanding that correctly, I'd think this would count as a motive for various food industries to intentionally use excessive fructose in various food products to manipulate people to buy excess food/drink against their will/better judgment. It would also probably count as evidence of harm caused by including it in food/drink products. One would need harder evidence to prove that they deliberately and knowingly did so, though.

80% of packaged foods (in some mini-markets, it's closer to 100%) have added fructose. They are not adding it accidentally. They're adding it because they know it increases sales.