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I feel like the burrito shouldn't start with needing one by default.

Never understood the need for the overstuffed giant version. Just make 2+ regular size ones. You can even do completely different toppings in each.


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Well said. I'd add another caveat too. Everyone reading this is currently a collection of cells, electrical impulses, etc.

If you could magically ctrl+c, ctrl+v that person over and had two completely identical human bodies and thoughts you'd likely just have someone who behaved exactly like them but they'd be separate entities. Defining what makes a human and continuing it is still near high-scifi.


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Reply to comment by grokfinance in Financing a new car? by Silly_willy__

Guessing it was someone's project car and they're adding in every custom thing they put on there over years expecting to magically get ALL that money back (and some more because why not?).

100% unrealistic, especially with the miles but hey, people aren't always realistic.


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Right and the cell size is pretty irrelevant since that doesn't impact usage just replacement, etc.

Main use would likely be supporting large scale solar / wind that can suffer outages but this specific usage and tech seems to be really early.

Cold climate likely isn't much more than extra cost for insulation or external structure.