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There’s quite a difference with locking people in factories and to accommodate their zero covid policy to have zero policy for covid.

Honestly feels like Xi is being dramatic like a teenager and taking their hands off the wheel completely to prove a point after their driving was criticized. “You don’t like how I’m steering? Fine! If YoU ReAlLy dOnT wAnT mE tO StEeRThE CaR!”


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Very true! I assume it has to do with workforce elasticity.

If there are people with specialized skills that takes years of education and certification are in the area and aren’t employed then they will move to an area that will employ them. Creating an equilibrium of sorts.

If there is a strong fluctuation in work demand over a short period then the workforce won’t magically appear locally and incentives are required to import labor.

On the other side of elasticity, as demand shrinks, many positions will no longer need to be filled.

Local positions of lower value probably have a higher priority to the hospital over higher costing travel workers.

So the hospitals/employers need to pay for relocation, the inconvenience of upending your current living situation, the risk of job security, etc. Not sure how much thats worth to you and everyone’s situation is different with family etc.


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Wow that’s an embarrassing grain fart moment. Sorry.

I was thinking the recent Roe v Wade overturn. I know the end result is right to an abortion but I thought people were saying it focuses on right to privacy but I don’t understand the legal wording and wanted to make check with those smarter and more informed than me