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Depending on where you park in the long term lot it can be a distance to the terminal. This also depends on the time and day.

TSA again, depends on the day and time. 2 hours is enough time to find parking, hopefully you don't have a lot of luggage.


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A number of times I've had Mercy ask for money before a procedure, in the beginning I would pay, then I'd find that Medicare had paid in full but I never got a refund. Once I started telling them I wouldn't pay until I had a bill and notice from my insurance it's been ok and I've not been refused for any procedures.


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Then they want you to pay the "estimate" of what your insurance won't cover, I'd talk to your insurance company and also call Cox Patient Assistance today.


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It's a thing, Mercy does this too. They want you to pay for what they estimate your insurance won't cover.

OP should contact Cox's Patient Assistance Program and check with their insurance company about what will be covered.


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Normal, I live in a 120 year old house. You can go on budget billing where the amount is the same every month.

Make sure your furnace filter is changed, your thermostat isn't from the 50's and your furnace has been serviced for optimum use.

Cover your windows in plastic and get some insulated curtains.