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African fertility is declining, though, and Russia, Canada, and northern China have mind-boggling amounts of land and resources available. World population as a whole is expected to stabilize this century without catastrophic mass death, which is a good thing unless the growing African (and Latin American and to an extent South Asian) populations are completely untrainable.


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Working age populations in developed western countries are historically low when compared to the amount of elders they must sustain, and the ratios may be even worse in developed Asia. Furthermore, lately a lot of developing countries have been struggling with infrastructure and skill issues. Look at population pyramids. Or articles like https://www.reuters.com/markets/davos-2023-talent-shortage-rules-tight-labour-markets-manpowergroup-2023-01-20/

If you have the same number of mouths to feed but fewer prime-age workers relatively speaking, there are going to be issues unless you can convince the elders to retire overseas or in low-cost areas.


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In 2008 we learned that huge chunks of the American economy were fraudulent (mortgages). I don’t think that fintech has the potential to be nearly as damaging, but we on Earth also have less access to natural resources, fewer young skilled Westerners in the labor pool, and a lot more debt than we did in ‘08.


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This is why I don’t get ethnic nationalism. Native cultures are endangered more by mass media than they are by migration. Maybe if there are fundamental differences between peoples or extreme resource scarcity that requires people to localize they have a point, but the Internet has done more to erode local differences than anything else.


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But in many cases it is one that comes from existing power structures and would likely be disrupted by mass emigration. Brain drain has a way of forcing reforms, as can be seen in most Eastern EU members as well as some of the more developed Asian countries.

And I’m glad you are willing to shoot down the argument of genetic impact on culture. That would be unthinkably bad on a finite planet.


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Mass immigration between continents is something I really hope we can make work. I’ll never accept the possibility that national culture/ethnic makeup matters except to the extent that it reflects political and mass-media influences. The last time Western and Northern Europeans were convinced of their superiority, we saw the rise of literally the worst civilization since the fall of the Aztecs.