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You may miss it, but it's worth mentioning. We saw the Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. When the theme starts, live and in front of you, it's better than any high def stereo you've ever heard. Goosebumps all over


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How much do you expect to spend on a bike? Gear? Insurance? Winter storage? Maintenance and tools (I doubt you're buying new)? Not to be rude, but even a Ivy League art school graduate student must be dirt poor, kinda goes with the territory.

Even a 250 or 500 Kawasaki Ninja or Suzuki TU250 is gonna be a few grand used with a question mark for vehicle history. I would get yourself a decent 12 speed rigid frame mountain bike and toss on some slicks and bomb that around town.

And for the record, I had both my motorcycle and bicycle stolen while living in town. It's not an if but a when.


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Not an exact solution, but we listen to the local games, WEEI comes in pretty clear across CT.

Missing out on NESN games won't be so bad this season, without Rem Dawg and Eck it'll be a dry year. Youk is doing a good job so far, but I mute it when Maz is on.


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The store I went to had the price, plus tax, plus a debit card fee that they said would be returned to me in cash after purchase. I just wanted a 5 pack of short joints and it was 40 bucks. My debit card was actually expired, so I ended up leaving empty handed after waiting in line for a bit. That ones on me, 100%.

I just cant get over the polished Apple store vibe of these shops. It went from being a gateway drug for stinky losers, to a medicinal herbal product that promises all sorts of stuff. I also don't really buy the stories they sell with the strains, I've smoked all sorts of bud and honestly, I don't see a difference between strains.

I am more than happy to call my plug, pick up at the spot, and toss him the cash in venmo. I honestly feel like I'm supporting a local craft dude at the farmers market more than stuffing cash into some rich guys business, plus he usually tosses me an extra gram or two.


I dont want to buy boutique week, I want the freedom to grow a few plants on my deck in the summer. I did it last year and it was super easy and really kinda fun, I didnt expect much from some bag seeds, sun, and some tomato ferts but I was happily surprised!