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A children's book about supermarkets, production, marketing tactics, minimum wage, processed products, capitalism and more.

A must-read for kids to be aware of capitalism!

Price: $7.49

(Note: Despite countless attempts to ban this book, the book always comes back like William Afton, along with the power of angry people...)


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A small collection of questionably and weirdly fictional unfortunate events, yet with moral lessons...

Such stories include:

  • Drowned in Alcohol
  • Burnout Fallout
  • Distracted Disaster
  • Cancellation
  • What COULDN'T Possibly Go Wrong? #1
  • Armada's Mess
  • Shot You Back
  • Stuck in a Washing Machine
  • Stuck in a Jar of Jam
  • Motorcycle Joyride: A Tragedy
  • Bull ++++ Overload
  • More to Come...

Price: ₱359.99


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What's behind the blue door?

Samantha wondered.

Could it be the TARDIS? Don't be ridiculous, it's a door in a wall.

Who's behind it? A person, probably.

To be clear, she's never seen this blue door before that lays among the red doors... Did she ever consider that it may have been a defect? No... Also, she barely goes out.

We'll be joining Samantha figuring out what's behind the door, and see how far the writers will stretch this story until it doesn't make any sense.

Price: $89.76


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Come on, you would feel MORE powerful and respected than before... Don't you want that?

Through thorough searching and observations with well-known cults that existed today, as well as looking back at cults of the past, setting up a cult of our own... We brought it forward to you, the book that was made from the blood, sweat and tears of our laborious research on how to set up a cult... as well as being aware with other cults and their tactics!

With this book, you'll be able to discern cultic tactics and even set up your own cult!

Tried and tested!

Price $100

(Note: This is not available in your country, for it has been banned due to a huge incident called "The Flock of the Sheep" that caused >!a mass suicide of 549 members including its' leader!<. We advise you to be wary of this book... You've been warned.)


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Sevyr is not quite the nicest around here, but you can't blame him for being that way since he's a Kobold, a dragon-man to paint the picture clearly.

The city of Avorsé, which is where he lives, shuns out his kind due to unexplainable reasons. But if there's one thing about the city of Avorsé aside from being racist against Kobolds, is that it's running rampant with filthy corruption... And Sevyr is looking for a reasonable excuse and an understandable reason to cause some chaos...

Price: 100 dabloons


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After the death of God, Shīkā (Seeker) and Tesuto (Test) are looking for the perfect person that could fill the role of God. Join them through a journey of trial and error, test and tribulations, chaos and dismay, as they're looking for the next God. Will they succeed?

Now available: Chapter 9.25 - Nine to Five

Price: An arm and a leg ¥1200

(Note: I used Google Translate for this.)


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River, a ballerina got into a nasty accident that caused her legs to break, leaving her for a long period of time to not be able to dance ballet... again as she struggles to do so. Even if she does recover, she won't be able to do it again. The damage was done, and Alex was devastated.

And then she met Alex, a dancer and a friend that she hadn't seen since high school. After recovery, Alex showed River about her career as a dancer... Could this be a new way for River to dance again? Or will she find something else that she'll truly admire?

Price: $10

The reviews about this book are quite mixed...


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Emily has a lot of things that she never finished, a lot of unfinished business. For instance, a story she never got to work on, her debts, her relationship with her ex and so much more...

But when she was struck with a sort of sickness, she was also thinking that maybe... It's time to finish things before her life finishes first.

Price: $4.84


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A collection of HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE short stories.

If you want something truly out-of-this-world, this book has you covered. With over 100+ weird stories to digest, you will definitely lay on your bed, wondering why you bought this damned book after every read.

So strap on! We got stories like:

  • Roomba Attack
  • Random Defenestration
  • President Oak Tree
  • Toilet's PoV
  • Some Crackhead's Fanfic
  • All For Tuna
  • Goose Chase

Price: ₱199.99


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>!Dan Solace!< is a stunning, successful, sexy, sadistic man... Yes, he is sadistic for he lusts the blood of the victims he strikes— mostly, those were people who have done something bad— for he is a business man by day, serial killer by night. With over 47 identified victims, and possibly more than that, he is quite prolific with his sprees.

This book contains every atrocities he committed against his victims each having their own story, most are gruesome to the point that there's not a single speck of mercy left. It also goes to show what cruel artistry this man has, to convey the meaning behind every scene.

Price: $57.50

There's a sticky note on the book, it says:

. ...- . .-. -.-- / ...- .. -.-. - .. -- / .. ... / .-- --- .-. - .... / .- / -.. --- .-.. .-.. .- .-.


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A collection of short stories of individuals who have spent their final days on Earth. The end will come to us at one point, so how will you face your own end when you know how much you have left? Join us as we tell you the stories of these people who accepted their fate and are living the most out of their last days.

Price: ₱249