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The world of Carcio will meet the most insolent, most entitled and THE MOST OUTRAGEOUSLY AUDACIOUS blonde >!beech!< that is Karen.

We will join in on Karen's journey of entitlement as she will constantly harass the witch, annoy the living life out of the locals, and will DEFINITELY mess with the lion.

Will she change? Will she die? I hope so... I mean, I hope she dies real soon, because this unforgivable mistake does not deserve to have this kind of power.

Price: An outrageous amount of $54, but someone complained it's too much.


"This is definitely entertaining. Also, **** Karen." - Bob

"This is disrespectful, I would like to see the author." - Karen

"STFU Karen, this is a work of art." - Emily, Karen's neighbor.

"I want food." - The lion in Carcio.


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No, that is not a typo, this is a completely different book of its own.

The Extraterrestrial Shark is a famous myth of the cosmos where a shark that's more humongous than any other shark and way more weird than any other shark.

The Space Raiders have been looking for this one for quite a while when they received a call from the captain to come back to Earth, for there were multiple reports of missing swimmers, half eaten docks, and weird noises coming from the deep.

It seems that the shark they're looking for is now on their planet, will they be able to save the day?

Price: £10


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The Birth of Sadness was the Birth of Joy tells the story of two different people born on the same date.

One is optimistic, the other is cynical.

One is satisfied, the other wants for more.

One is in Florida, the other is in Ohio.

One is warm, the other is cold.

One is joyful, the other is melancholic.

Opposites indeed, but as they meet, they will learn that they are the two sides of the same coin...

Price: $3.59


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Condense that into "Florida Man" and well... You got a book title.

Jerry is just a guy who lives in Florida, seems ordinary at first. But the fact that he's in Florida is definitely a sign to look out for.

He may be average, but he isn't your average man... He is your out-of-the-average Florida Man that you'll definitely hear on the news who committed crazier stuff than Trevor Phillips.

He built a time machine, convinced everyone he's a god, crowned as King of the US of A, and squared up with Ohio Man at one point in a chessboxing match.

This book is all of his tales, the legend of... Florida Man.

Price: $69


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Hi, my name is Kyle.

Despite being a background character, I'm always somewhere, anywhere, and everywhere. Just like >!Tom Scott!< himself.

Bank robbery, I'm there. Beaches? Absolutely. Space invasion? Definitely there. In the park, you name it!

Wherever the setting is, wherever and whenever the main character is there, I am always there, no matter what.

I also know a few secrets about this world, so... I do have some value to provide, come with me!

Price: $23.32


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Join Arnold as we explore his habitat, his lifestyles and how amoeba functions in an ecosystem. We will even tackle the tale of Merc the Brain-Eating Amoeba of Kerosene Creek. So, grab your microscopes and let's dive into the world of Arnold the Amoeba!

A must-read for kids interested in Biology!

Price: $13.49


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Yes, they are. They're definitely laughing at you.

You may or may not hear it, but someone is always talking behind your back, saying mean things about you.

If you feel insecure about this, do not fear... This book is for you. In this book, you'll learn how to take insults and never give in or even falter, you'll learn how to DEAL WITH IT.

Everyone may be laughing at you, but you will have the last laugh after this.

PRICE: $50

(Also, we have met again u/HelloWorld1352)


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A tale of a human who just happened to land into the realm of monsters— not the grisly and hostile kind, mind you— and landed into a place called Winterskeep. Join them in a tale of friendship, wholesomeness and... Pies, lots of dessert.

Price: $15.48

Note: There are two sticky notes on the book that are basically reviews. Both are anonymous.

This is basically Undertale, but without the genocide and that memelord skeleton.

It does remind me a lot about Undertale... I agree with the first review here.


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Note: This is just a green leather journal, so there was nothing on the back, obviously. The front page does have something to say...

No matter where I meander, I see something interesting wherever I go, whether that would be the blissful meadows, the rocky road, the valleys or the peaks; there is always something interesting that entices the eye.

Each of these entries are tales, tales of which I recount every encounter with my curiosities. And every curiosity I see is my own discovery about the world around me, and myself.

Henry S.

Price: There's no price indicated, it's just a green leather journal that you just found laying on one of the tables in the library.


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"Here is where we always meet, this was the last time we ever met... It's been so long, where are you now?"

Delilah used to meet up with a mysterious, childish boy who used to hang out by the cliff under a tree. One day, the boy wasn't there, he was nowhere to be seen... The day after that, he never came... Recollecting back to past conversations with the boy, Delilah tries to figure out where he went and what happened to him.

Price: ₱199


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A collection of short stories about the pains, struggles and other hurdles in a relationship, whether that'll be platonic or intimate. How does one deal with the other's flaws?

Stories include:

  • You and I
  • Missing You
  • Siblings
  • Rivals' Reunion
  • Amelia
  • It's Just Him...
  • What Happened to Perfect?
  • And many more...

These stories were written by writers who once experienced being in a relationship and a few therapists who helped us in fact-checking these works.

Price: $20

(Note: Also, good to see you again u/jardanovic!)


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A humanoid creature was spotted near Green Thorne County, looked humanoid and according to locals, they're known as the Blight. These humanoid species have the ability to suck the light and the life out of anyone that gets near them.

They are now growing hungry as multiple reports of these attacks appear left and right after the discovery. That's when the Blightbinders came to help, keeping the town safe out of these hungry Blights.

And you, this is your first time dealing with such threat like this, hope you don't get sucked, okay?

Blightbinder is a tale of a team that deals with the Blights and a starting Blightbinder who realizes how hard it is to deal with them— as well as holding a freaking blaster properly.

Price: $10


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It was a nice day until a big yellow-green fog filled the city of Aldean after a thunderous noise of farting echoed throughout the land... The fog was sweet at first, then it started to become the equivalent of mustard gas.

There are no protagonists, no antagonists, just a God and His daily deity shenanigans.

The Day that God Farted is a collection of short stories about deities doing their ridiculous acts against the mortal world. We even got Loki and Zeus as you would expect.

Price: $70 $69.42


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Good to see you again!

So, there was this user who's (probably) an Italian and left a comment in this prompt, but as you can see... It's not here.

You can actually see it in their comments.

What was the comment the user left? Well...

"kys, sincerely an Italian"

I mean, no surprise here...