ThatDoesNotRefute t1_j51gl01 wrote

Like many other things, the literature is there but people don't read anymore. There is no curiosity or interest from the general public on doing any form of research even if that's just to confirm something they've heard.

Propaganda is the most powerful weapon there is. Most of the country simply don't care or understand that the government in of itself is a lie. They are not for the people, they are not bound by the same laws, we do not have a say on how money is spent nor do they actually care about our opinions.

Nothing will change most that will happen is that there is a nationwide riot and strikes and even then they'd just jump on a flight and crash the economy on the way out.

There is no winning, not anymore. Parliament is on lease and it's transferable.


ThatDoesNotRefute t1_j50v4do wrote

Recycling doesn't exist on the scale people think they do. All that bullshit about separating recyclables is just so they can ship it off cheaper to those countries.

How plastic drink bottles haven't already been completely banned is beyond me.