ThatGuyBench t1_iye2k8i wrote

Cmon, its not like all is cool and dandy here, but we don't need that money nearly as much as Ukrainian people need it.

I get that there is a lot of corruption in Ukraine, but instead we could use the money to buy and deliver things needed for rebuilding Ukrainian electric grid or helping refugees or something. It doesnt have to be help in direct cash transfer. Currently Russians were focusing their missle attacks on electric infrastructure, and now its on its last leg. In the winter when pipes will freeze, they will break. There will be no plumbing, electricity and so on. Rural places will be doing fine, but cities will be unsustainable death traps when the winter ramps up.

Here in Europe we have what? Big energy bills, few less degrees on the thermostat and less hot water usage. Petty problems compared to what Ukrainians have to deal with.

Myself, I would be happy to see if that money went to arms purchases for Ukraine, but I guess more people would have issues against that, and would be less likely to pass.