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>Barb Wire is a perfect movie. It executes what it sets out to do perfectly, there's not a single thing that I would change about the movie.

If this is your metric for a perfect movie than Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is going to blow your mind.


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I honestly think it should have been an R rated dramatic animated film. With live action, there was no way for them to get quality child actors at the ages stated in the book. Their changes to Bernard and Bonzo Madrid incredibly harmed the themes from the book and those should have remained in their bloody details. Ender’s Game would have been the perfect vehicle to show that animated movies geared for adult audiences could have worked but instead toned down the material and aged up the kids to the point where the end product is just flat out not good.


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This feels like stuff I’ve gone through years ago, that feeling that money has an “expiration date” and it should be spent soon while you still have it because you feel it will leave your hands. Unfortunately it is supposed to leave your hands to pay bills and rent. I promise that after the first few months of dedicated paying off bills, you will have fun money again.

For me, what worked was splitting my monthly bills and rent into two similar sized chunks. First paycheck would pay off the first chunk of bills and second payday would go toward the remaining bills and next months rent. Whatever is leftover after paying bills goes through my second phase of budgeting which is groceries, gas for the vehicle, and savings. While at the grocery store, I used to just purchase cheap crap. Ramen and Mac and cheese make decent affordable meals. Now I have shifted into meal prepping and recreating fast food items I enjoy. It’s a lot cheaper to make breakfast burritos that you just warm up in the microwave than picking up one from some place before work each morning.

After bills and rent and groceries and gas and savings, then you got your fun money.

I admit I’m not as financially savvy as most of the people in this sub, but maintaining my budget in this manner really pulled me out of bad financial times after my divorce. I hope it can help you.


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This sounds closer to a mental health/unaddressed trauma issue that is manifesting in bad spending habits. I was in this cycle years ago and it’s difficult to break and far from just “don’t be lazy.” If that was the answer, I’m sure he would have rectified this issue by now instead of turning here.


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This. It’s similar to how you can hear yourself chew or how clearly you can hear something tapping on your tooth. The sound waves can travel through the medium of your head to your ears. I think they made some gimmicky toothbrushes years ago that utilized this and played music you could only hear if the brush was against your teeth.


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The mouthpiece tip is one of the giveaways for me. The tip and the glass holding the substance looks exactly like what I would purchase when I was in Colorado last. Also the yellow substance appears to be thicker with how the bubbles are formed in it. Nicotine vaping juice tends to be less viscous and those bubbles would be either not there or at the top of the cart. Cannabis wax is much more viscous and tacky and bubbles would suspend in it like it is showing here much more easily. Also the amber color of it is a pretty good giveaway.

Source: former cigarette smoker turned former Nicotine vaper. Currently cannabis smoker and vaper.


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> Only thing people know Hal Jordan from is that terrible live-action movie.

We are living in a day and age knowing that there are Joker, Batman, and justice league movies all in separate universes but you don’t believe that people will understand that the Hal Jordan we saw is not canon to the current universe? Also don’t you think people might recognize him as the main Green Lantern in the comics?