That_Boysenberry2134 t1_ja6qb5a wrote

I lived there for a year - one day we noticed a growing bubble in our ceiling. Called maintenance, they barge in, yell “oh sh**t, and run out” Moments later it grew so large and finally burst, water everywhere. Maintenance guy comes back in sees the water everywhere, starts clean up. We go down the the front office to complain and the manager tells us it was an “honest mistake.” Confused we ask “what was an honest mistake?” She says, “an employee was trying to clean some drip tray in the apartment upstairs and left the sink on” 🤯 when they were repairing the Sheetrock they got it all over our personal items. Eventually we moved out and months later got a call from a debt collector saying the complex was charging us $2300 for water damage to the apartment LOL. That was just one of many things wrong during our year here. Others included vomit in the stair wells, the fire alarm going off every other week at all times of night/day, toilet bowl sized pot holes never being fixed, trash chutes so full constantly, and when we were moving out someone stole one piece of our sectional that was sitting by our moving truck while we were bringing the other piece down lmao