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I did some research before accepting the job but didn’t realize the exemption for the states PFML program. I knew short term disability wouldn’t be an option and that FMLA wouldn’t apply. When I accepted the job I was told “we’re a very flexible family-friendly organization and we will work with you”. I guess I accepted that at face value- lesson learned.

I feel guilty applying for new jobs at this stage, knowing I’ll be asking for leave in 8 weeks.


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From the state website: “Municipalities, districts, political subdivisions, housing authorities, regional school districts, and regional planning commissions are types of employers that are not eligible for PFML coverage but may opt in through a vote of their governing body or committee.”

I asked my CEO (who doubles as head of HR) if it would be possible to bring to our board for an opt-in vote. They refused saying we offer sick time. However sick time is not the same as a maternity leave or medical leave policy so I’m not sure about her logic.