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You'll likely be looking at an hour or so in transit. Depending where you are in Upper Fells you can head towards downtown to catch the Red or Green line. Red will drop you off at Dulaney Valley by Towson Town Center and you'll need to walk up to Goucher there.

Green will drop you off on the back end of Towson Town Center on Fairmount and you'd walk from there.


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Two different stores. The one on Washington was the original that was owned for multiple generations. The brothers had a falling out and Victor moved to Bank to open his own store.

John ran the one on Washington and made a number of festivals, but never sold products in stores. That is the one on Bank St. in stores.


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It's Fells Point, so it'll be the usual Fells Point parking situation. Though you should be ok getting parking around there.

And man, this only makes me miss Ostrowski's even more.

Also, check Polish Treasures on Chester street, right across from Holy Rosary. They have them as well!


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"Perez believes the harassment stems from the belief among some that HBCUs are solely for Black people. Perez said that some of her online critics also believe she is white, which apparently also angered some."

Do they want segregation? Because this is how you get segregation.


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The Baltimore Blast play in the MASL - Major Arena Soccer League. Home games are at SECU Arena on Towson's campus.

They are one of the most successful indoor franchises ever, winning 10 championships across multiple leagues.

Outside of that there are some amateur teams that play in the area as well, indoor and outdoor.

The closest pro outdoor team would be DC United in MLS.


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Hey everyone. I wanted to give a plug for a charity my good friend is working with: Radio Reading Network of Maryland. They do a great service for those who are blind, reading books, newspapers, and magazines to those who might not be able to read them elsewise.

Website is: and they are looking for donations, or people that may be able to help read as well.


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To answer your question, you'll easily see the fireworks on E Pratt at the Harbor. The fireworks are usually done on a barge out in the Harbor itself so anywhere around the Harbor you can see them.

Fells Point shouldn't be an issue either to be honest, as long as you have a good sightline to the Harbor you should be able to see them.