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Its touch/flag until middle school. They spend a ton of time on fundamentals and proper tackle technique so that when they get to the tackle age the chance of a high hit or head to head contact is minimized. All three love it. We play at Pine Banks park and it’s $50 for the summer…practices are Mon, Wed, Fri from 6:30-8 with several Saturday jamborees around New England.

Edit: cost is actually $65 for flag/touch and $75 for tackle for the year.


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My oldest started last year because his cousin plays. Not on track to play in college (unlike his cousin, who’s father played on scholarship) as it’s not his preferred sport and he started late. My middle child is a girl and there is no girls league at her age in our town, and she would rather play boys lacrosse anyway. My youngest just turned 4 and loves showing off to the “big kids” that he can play. All 3 play rugby (little one will start this year) and that’s their preferred sport.


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Absolutely. Games are super fun to watch. My kids play youth lacrosse and getting them out to games helps with their game IQ, and they get to see “big kids” play which gets them hyped for their season. Trying to get some extra games in before our season starts. BU games are $8 which is the best sports deal in town. Assuming BC games are $20 or less it would be great to hit up those games as well.


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For those that balk at the cost you can get the games on or by downloading the app.

I had a friend introduce me to Rugby about 8 years ago when he asked me to play in an old boys match for Mystic Rugby since they didn’t have enough players and I fell in love. I have a 12, 10, and 4 year old who will all be playing rugby this year. My 12 year old has been playing for 6-7 years now for Mystic River Youth Rugby. They practice and play at Pine Banks park in Melrose/Malden.

The Freejacks are a huge asset to the city and the sport. They often hold skills and drills camps for kids, which a lot of players show up to and hang out for most of the day, and they invite all the local teams to play before home matches. The community outreach and work the team does for the sport feels genuine and surpasses anything I have seen from the big 4 sports teams in town. I’m not taking a dig at this big 4, it’s more a testament to how small and close knit the rugby community is.


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In the past…possibly. Now, no way. Rugby takes it very very seriously. There is very strict HIA (head injury assessment) protocol in which any player deemed hit to high or near the head or any suspected head injury is removed from the field to be assessed. It’s called the Recognize and Remove protocol. There is a crew watching all the camera angles and if they see something they don’t like they will call the player off the field.

Both my kids play rugby, and have been playing for 4-6 years, and they teach proper tackle and hit techniques. They are very serious about drilling it into the kids at a young age.

Edit: for those struggling with understanding or maybe only have a basic understanding and want to learn more a famous ref Wayne Barnes has been posting YouTube videos that are spectacular:


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Ohhh that’s good to know. We’re down that way for Rugby and Lacrosse matches a few times a year. Just checked out the menu and they have my favorite (cabbage, kraut & mushroom), might make a trip down just to eat.


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I worked on Bernie and Phyls, Sullivan Tire, and Christmas Tree Shops commercials.

I think my legs are in a shot of the Tim Wakefield Bernie and Phyls spot, and some of my family were in a Christmas Tree shop commercial. For Christmas Tree Shops we would shoot at a new location every 1-2 months. The shoot would be at night after the store closed early and was stocked with the new items that were coming out. Then the friends and families of store employees would be invited to the shoot and we would prompt them to explore and pick out items or deals that excite them. We would usually have like 5 items we had to feature then a bunch that were “nice to haves”.


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I love rhubarb pie. Most people love the super sweet version that is 90% sugar and 10% rhubarb since they can’t handle the tartness. My family used to make the suck your face inside out tart version which means (from what I can remember) you don’t precook the stalks and use a lot less sugar. This version is great for putting your own toppings on so you can control the sweetness. I also used to eat the stalks straight from the garden so maybe I’m a glutton for tart things.


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Repping Gary Drug also. I live outside of the city and would travel in for my kids medications because Gary Drug and all the folks who work there are top notch. It started when one of my kids needed a compounded medication, and literally no major pharmacies within 30-40 miles of the city could fill it. A good friend recommended Gary Drug and we try to use them for everything now. Plus they have those good Sunkist fruit gems that are kind of hard to find anywhere else.