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>the findings also reinforce the role of the dopamine system in addiction

Some people who take narcotics for chronic pain do not become addicted. Could it be that their "reward" is simply a reduction in their level of pain?


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>Researchers say derelict objects left in orbit and other disintegrating space junk may cause a catastrophic collision above our atmosphere.

Ever see the movie GRAVITY? The bigger question was left for a sequel that never happened...


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>And they're kinda dangerous. They get to 30-35' tall, then just randomly fall over.

The soil probably isn't right. Russian olives are banned in my community because of this. They blow over in wind. But, in some parts of the country, they are used as wind breaks! They need rocky soil for their roots to wrap around and get a grip.


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>I think the idea is more that your views influence how you think, than it is that people with certain brains are prone to different politics.

How can that even be determined? You'd have to scan a newborn's brain and then scan it later after it's "views" have been formed. Obviously, that wasn't done.

Saying that "certain brains are prone to different politics" puts the cart ahead of the horse. It's the outside influences that determines how an individual's brain gets wired up...not the other way 'round.


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This is supposed to be a science sub! Mistakes like this shouldn't be viewed as acceptable...especially when it occurs in a research paper! Or, have scientific standards actually fallen this low?

>We have a children's book for sale here featuring two monkeys called Chimp and Zee.

This didn't occur in a children's book. This mistake was made in a science research paper!

Come on, mods! You gonna let this slide?


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>Bonobos, unlike humans, are more interested in the emotions of strangers than acquaintances

From article:

>>Bonobos, along with chimpanzees, are the monkey species most closely related to humans because of a common ancestor.

This is a pretty drastic reliable can the rest be...? Read with very skeptical frame of mind.

Human babies are more interested in something seeing a person wearing glasses will command the attention of a tot unfamiliar with seeing people wearing glasses.


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>European economies have developed stronger anti-trust regulations, more competitive markets, and more robust consumer protection than the US in the last 20 years. The reason for this is the EU. EU member states are incentivized to empower a strongly independent pro-competition regulator.

US citizens who feel things have been going south in this country, read this! You'll get a good idea of the cause.


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>You won’t find the virus in birds, reptiles, amphibians, or invertebrates.

Didn't think so but I might have missed something. Vets told me to keep my bird inside and away from windows but that was because of bird flu not Covid.


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>I speak from experience when I say if you want to cure your "sweet tooth" and heal your gut microbiome at the same time, you could try a 3 day water fast.

Excellent move! I start with 1 day water fast and a a good prebiotic supplement. Then a three-day protein only diet. After that, protein and complex carbs for 3 days. Add fruits last. Sosandwich!

It does take will day 2 or 3 of the protein part, you'd kill for a peanut butter sandwhich!

This just cures a sweet tooth. Don't know about your other addictions. I take something for chronic pain but I don't have an addiction to it. (I understand that's not uncommon for people who take a narcotic for chronic pain.)


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>Your mind will always make excuses for your addiction, like you having a "real sweet tooth" while others that manage to use willpower and healthy habits to say no to the cravings don't have a "real sweet tooth".

I don't make excuses. I understand what to do and why. If you judge you "will power" is stronger than mine, that's your opinion. As we age, as we move through illness and antibiotic treatments, as your body changes, you will probably reach a stage in your life when your gut starts calling the shots. Enjoy your sense of a "strong" will while you still have that.

Someday you may find it isn't enough. But, sadly, you won't have a clue how to recultivate your gut garden and rein in a demanding sweet tooth. Maybe, by that time, if your lucky, your doctor will tell you how but I wouldn't count on it.

Good luck!


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>Medicine doesn't generally follow an obvious or scientific path. Often it's just trial and error and see what works.

Ah! You're getting closer! But you don't need to completely wing it with trial and error. Protein. Complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates.

You have a craving for sweets. Should you feed those little gut microbes that love sweets? Or should you starve the little buggers to reduce their numbers...and, therefore reduce your appetite for sweets.


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>The right approach, imo, is blocking the pathways to the brain that cause the cravings by eating something the creates a byproduct that does the opposite the bacterial products make even eating sweets and getting cravings.

Well, if you want to be complicated about it, but there's a simpler way. Got any knowledge of food groups?