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Ok, but this is literally a loitering cluster mission with individual bomblet targeting capacity. Why would you need a mail delivery system to be airborne with dynamic target selection capacity? Mail and packages are a pretty freaking heavy payload, and mailboxes are a well established and predictable receptacle.

If you wanted to automate mail delivery efficiently, you would just automate a mail truck. Maybe they didn't mean it, but this thing is literally meant to deploy munitions.


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The US would never stand for an actual blockade. It's too important to our interests and the USN would be leveling guns before Chinese ships even left port. If China so much as sneezed in the direction of an American commerical ship, Xi Jinping would find himself at the bottom of a crater before the end of the month.


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Yeah it's just not physically possible to get the equipment for a conventional ground invasion into Taiwan. They'd have to do some kind of absolutely balls to the wall combined arms assault that perfectly coordinates an airborne invasion behind the beach defenses with the amphibious invasion, but even that would still probably fail gloriously as all those unsupported paratroopers would just be ripped to shreds by inland defenses and never even reach the objective.


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Yeah it's honestly really weird how long germ theory took to develop. The microscope was invented in the 1600s but germ theory wasn't firmly established until 250 years later.


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We could just make our trash pickup more like Japan and presort our garbage for pickup on different days, or at least make it accessible for coffee businesses to dispose of their grounds through a service. Communities could organize to have collection points for niche waste. The number of options is tremendous.